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3 min readJan 9, 2023

Web3 technology, which has the potential to contribute significantly to India’s GDP, is currently being developed in the country. While global venture capitalists invested over $30 billion in web3 products in 2021, India only received $650 million. However, there has been a growing interest in web3 development in India among entrepreneurs and developers, as evidenced by the proliferation of hackathons, meetups, and local web3 communities. India has a history of embracing new technological disruption and enabling it to scale, as seen in the expansion of the internet, which created numerous jobs in the information technology, software development, and services sectors. Indian companies have already made their mark on the global web3 landscape, with networks such as Polygon experiencing significant growth. The international techno-capital consortium is also interested in partnering with and enabling more Indian founders to succeed in the web3 space. Read this article to find out about the 16-week web3 Graviton accelerator program and why we partnered with them.

Making Indian Startups A Success

Global brands with significant market capitalizations, including Nike, Disney, Meta Platforms, and L’Oreal, are adopting web3 technologies. While this presents opportunities for aspiring Indian web3 founders, there is still a challenge in terms of accessibility for these startups to reach a global audience and generate the necessary buzz to succeed in the market. This gap in the acceleration of Indian web3 startups, which is unique to the web3 space, contrasts with the traditional internet industry in India, which has established systems in place to support startups at all stages of development.

To address this issue, the team at Graviton, with over five years of experience incubating and cultivating web3 products for the global market, created the Graviton Web3 Accelerator program to cater to the specific needs of web3-first founders in India. Through conversations with Indian web3 founders, the team identified a knowledge gap in areas including legal aspects of business formation, talent management, business modeling, experimentation to find the right product-market fit, integration of design thinking, web3 foundational principles, growth marketing, and fundraising.

The program brings together venture capitalists, blockchain platforms, web3 founders, and evangelists to provide a holistic program to assist early-stage web3 founders in overcoming these challenges.

The First Cohort

The Spring cohort of the Graviton Web3 Accelerator program will run from February to June 2023 and provide accepted startups with $50,000 in initial funding, access to a network of venture capitalists, web3 founders, blockchains, platforms, service providers, and foundational learning in four modules:

  • Business essentials
  • Web3-first principles
  • Growth marketing
  • Fundraising

Startups will also have the opportunity to work with global mentors to solve practical problems related to their products. On Demo Day, the graduating cohort will present their finished products, including a summary of their high growth points during the cohort, to a panel of global venture capitalists.

Apply Now

The program is designed to help early-stage founders solve practical problems they commonly face when finding product market fit, building a core team, or raising capital. Graviton is chain agnostic and committed to fostering web3 growth in India.

If you’re building for web3 out of India, we’re committed to making it happen for you. Apply now!

Application deadline: Jan 25, 2023

Spring cohort: Feb — Jun 2023

Demo day: Jun 2023 (last week)

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Moonrock Capital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment Firm, incubating and accelerating early stage startups since 2019.





Moonrock Capital

Moonrock Capital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment Firm, incubating and accelerating early stage startups since 2019.