Moonrock Capital Announces Strategic Investment in DAFI Protocol ($DAFI)

Moonrock Capital is delighted to announce their strategic investment with DAFI Protocol. Moonrock Capital, a blockchain advisory partnership, provides key infrastructure and professional services to support ecosystems and accelerate their growth.

MRC are excited to partner with Dafi as they firmly believe that the project is a sustainable investment option that will create innovation and long term value within the blockchain industry. MRC will be leveraging their successful portfolio of projects to explore creating dTokens for their own network and initiating introductions to integrate DAFI for their rewards.

The Dafi team has used their industry experience to create a logical model that ties reward quantity to network demand and transforms current methodologies. Users are incentivized to support a network for longer and are rewarded later. Dafi uses network reward to build a decentralized economy.

Nodes, staking and even liquidity can now be incentivized in a reduced issue. Users are still incentivized when adoption is low but they are rewarded later, not earlier; as is the current practice. This means that tokens released and network demand is proportionate.

Flavours of network pegged dTokens are not tradeable or transferrable. They are distributed by the adopting network and burned for their native token. However, to add an additional incentive, users can utilise their dToken to create a unique NFT. This NFT is categorised with greater rarity for when network demand is low.

‘MRC are proud to be collaborating with the DAFI team. We were impressed with the industry experience and technical knowledge they presented, and firmly believe that Dafi has devised a novel, intelligent approach to creating scarcity by reducing reward quantity as demand declines’.

- Alex Smith, Managing Partner MRC

“DAFI is simply creating alternative ways to reward network users, a positively disruptive approach to decentralization. Moonrock were one of the first to support this. Being able to tap into their extensive portfolio of partnerships, further accelerates DAFI’s synthetic dTokens. We see the long term relationship between DAFI & MRC being highly strategic, intelligent and exciting. This is just the start.”

- Zain Rana, Founder Dafi Protocol



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