Moonrock Capital Announces Strategic Investment in Peaq

Moonrock Capital is delighted to announce the addition of Peaq to its investment portfolio.

peaq’s mission is to transform the Web2-based Internet of Things into the Web3-based Economy of Things. They’re building a new machine economy from the ground up. One which enables people to extract maximum value and opportunity from machines with minimal risk and waste. In doing so, peaq aims to unlock and democratize the full potential of machines, vehicles, robots and devices.

‘The Internet of Things represents things becoming conscious and interconnected, the economy of things means things become independent and self sufficient.Together with peaq we will be able to target a vision where autonomous machines, vehicles, and devices don’t deprive people of their income streams, they transform them. Machines will do the repetitive, heavy lifting while humans own, rule, and make money, adjusting the incentives of all machine-economy participants for the benefit of the network, the economy, and ultimately the people who create and use the machines. Hence, Moonrock Capital is glad to be part of this funding round and will do whatever we can helping them being successful’.

Moonrock Capital






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