Moonrock Capital Announces Strategic Investment in Skill Guilds

We are proud to announce Skills Guilds as an addition to our portfolio.

Skill Guilds is a platform that helps investors, games, and players find and join the best performing guilds. The team connects the market participants and builds tools for them to maximize the benefits accross the metaverse.

“GameFi and the metaverse are undoubtedly one of the biggest trends in crypto to date, as it’s a perfect use case for blockchain technology. Hence it’s hardly surprising that also gaming guilds are gaining more and more interest of investors. Skill Guilds is a great addition to this current movement, as it’s not just another guild, but providing clear USPs by solving additional problems. We are excited for our upcoming partnership with this professional team and looking forward making this project a success.”

— Simon Dedic, Managing Partner of Moonrock Capital

“We are happy to welcome Moonrock Capital as a new strategic backer! We believe that Moonrock’s expertise and network will add a lot of value to Skill Guilds’ potential. We feel great synergy with the team and are looking forward to an exciting journey together.”

— Co-Founder and CEO of Skill Guilds






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