Moonrock Capital Announces Strategic Investment in Volare

Moonrock Capital
2 min readFeb 14, 2022


Moonrock Capital is excited to announce the addition of Volare to its investment portfolio.

Volare provides a transparent, trustless, and convenient decentralized mechanism that runs without intermediaries on options trading, especially exotic options trading. It eliminates the credit risk issues associated with exotic options trading in the traditional financial world’s over-the-counter (OTC) market, developed to facilitate DeFi crypto options trading while providing trading tools that professional options traders use. Volare allows investors to invest in standard or customized option strategies portfolios, and provides clients tools for hedging, speculation and yield enhancement based on its infrastructure.

‘We believe the DeFi hype in 2021 was just the beginning. Projects keep building and evolving, new promising and innovative solutions come to market still on a regular basis. Without a doubt there will be a big movement of DeFi 2.0. With its exotic option trading, Volare comes to market with a great USP that the DeFi space was still lacking. After meeting the founding team, we are confident that they are competent enough to also deliver on their vision. Hence, Moonrock Capital is glad to be part of this funding round and we will do whatever we can helping them being successful’.

Simon Dedic, Managing Partner MRC

‘The partners at Moonrock Capital have a wealth of experience from various backgrounds, including digital media, crypto-economic research, advertising, venture capital, and more. This vast wealth of experience assures us at Volare Finance of a successful partnership with Moonrock Capital’.

Jake, Head of Product and Capital Markets Volare







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