Moonrock Capital invests in ChainGuardians ($CGG)

ChainGuardians is a blockchain-based game that rewards players for playing games with unique in-game assets. This crypto/anime-themed game is unlike any other game you’ve probably played due to the game mechanics and the DeFi aspect of the game/platform. A persistent multi-world turn-based real-time strategy game is a revolutionary concept. A player’s rewards are driven by player purchases and crypto infusions, which occur due to partnerships with other game tokens and blockchains. While idle (not online), advanced AI-based battles can be governed by a Guardians’ attributes.

“The blockchain gaming sector is currently experiencing exponential growth and will continue to mature over the coming years. We are extremely excited in the platform that the ChainGuardians team have built and they have shown the experience, expertise and ambition that is needed to exceed in this burgeoning space. We believe that their seamless gaming experience across multiple devices and giving NFT’s a diverse range of use cases will ensure that ChainGuardians is the breakthrough gaming project in 2021.”

— Alex Smith, Managing Partner MRC

“When we heard that Moonrock were interested to learn more about ChainGuardians, we were delighted to meet them. The Moonrock team have a proven track record for supporting the development of innovative blockchain projects and an extensive network to enable them to succeed. For us, it was a no-brainer and we were ecstatic they wanted to be involved.”

— Robbie Cochrane, Co-Founder and COO ChainGuardians

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