Moonrock Capital invests in OpenDefi ($ORO)

We are proud to announce OpenDefi as an addition to our portfolio.

OpenDefi will enable institutional investors and funds to participate in the blockchain, crypto & Defi economy as it removes hurdles of price slippage, offers high liquidity & instant settling while offering complete insurance & custodianship of physical assets. The protocol bridges the gap between traditional finance & Decentralized Finance.

OpenDefi encourages participation by creating a yield on real-world assets(such as Gold, Stocks etc). This enables long term investors to create further value on their assets.

“We are always striving to work with those who are breaking down the barrier for crypto adoption and OpenDeFi perfectly fits this mould. We are highly impressed with their range of financial products and tools that are designed to empower their users to take control of their own financial freedom. Having an open protocol designed in this way will open up access to the billions of unbanked around the globe and we’re excited for the future of OpFi.”

— Alex Smith, Managing Partner MRC

“We are delighted to be backed by Moonrock Capital. Their vast experience and expertise in the Defi space is unmatched and we wish to tread this path with them to make OpenDefi a success.”

— Tarusha Mittal, COO & Co-founder OpenDeFi

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