Moonrock Capital invests in RAMP DEFI ($RAMP)

We are proud to announce RAMP DEFI as an addition to our portfolio.

RAMP is the first company to develop a cross-chain liquidity on/off ramp that will allow holders of non-ERC-20 staked digital assets to conveniently utilize their staked assets. First, locked assets are collateralized into a stablecoin “rUSD”. Once obtained, rUSD holders can borrow, lend or exchange rUSD with eUSD (ERC-20 equivalent) in a seamless liquidity on and off-ramp solution for users with capital locked in staking arrangements across various chains.

“With the emergence of DeFi and the ability to receive an attractive APR by staking your tokens, investors are locking up large portions of their portfolios over a longer time frame to receive these rewards. This has meant that the individual remains quite illiquid with their funds.

RAMP’s product is therefore very attractive as they have a cross chain solution that allows you to unlock frozen capital from your staked supply.

We believe this is the next phase in the current DeFi market and this ability to use your staked assets as collateral will be highly attractive to any user.”

— Alex Smith, Managing Partner MRC

“Our team is excited to partner with Moonrock Capital to bring the RAMP solution to the global crypto community. In particular, RAMP expects to benefit from Moonrock’s extensive network, and leverage on these channels to drive rapid market growth and user adoption.”

— Lawrence Lim, Project Lead RAMP DEFI

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