Moonrock Capital invests in SpiderDAO (SPDR)

We are proud to announce SpiderDAO ($SPDR) as an addition to our portfolio.

SpiderDAO is the world’s first hardware-based DAO. They are bundling hardware and software tools on top of the Polkadot Network to create a new, better take on the traditional DAO model by making it whale-resistant and more democratic. The whole Ecosystem will be protected under a secure and encrypted dVPN environment.

SpiderDAO has just completed a sale and is now trading on Uniswap. Following the successful launch of $SPDR token, they now offer a unique farming distribution program that offers all participant high farming values of 700%+ APY. There are also additional benefits of receiving a free VPN subscription if 500$ of LP being staked.

“We are excited to support SpiderDAO and their vision of creating more online privacy through a very unique, decentralized approach. We wanted to become a part of this ambitious vision, after learning more about the team, their technology and their passion for what they are building. SpiderDAO is a promising addition to this industry and seeks to find solutions for real world problems.”

— Jonathan Habicht, Managing Partner MRC

“We are grateful for the support Moonrock Capital has expressed for our vision of unparallel online privacy. Their experience and deep domain knowledge in the space will add a lot of value to the SpiderDAO project as we look to deliver the world’s first hardware DAO built on Polkadot.”

— Nathan Varty, CEO SpiderDAO

Moonrock Capital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment Partnership based in London and Hamburg.