Moonrock Capital Portfolio Update

Moonrock Capital
2 min readAug 11, 2020


We decided to update our investment portfolio and show more transparency regarding our investments and projects we are associated with. Below we will explain why we are conviced about them. You can find the full list here.

Utrust: Has the potential to disrupt not only the crypto payment industry, but also online payments in general and bring crypto payments to the masses.

Defipie: All-in-one DeFi platform, that allows interoperability and offers highest UX standards.

Geeq: Ecosystem of interoperable customizable blockchains, trying to solve scalability issues with new concepts, such as Proof of Honesty consensus.

Kleros: Online dispute resolution is in growing demand and Kleros poses a compelling solution, for the arbitration world.

Meter: One of the more experimental but also most interesting concepts we came across lately, an asset which is backed by electricity price.

Dia: DeFi focused oracle solution, something we see in high demand, now and in a future, in which DeFi moves closer to become the standard.

Decentr: Decentr’s vision is to return the control over personal data back to the user and lets him participate in the value of this data.

Constellation: The most promising DAG platform, targeting a fast growing market that faces huge demand for big data solutions.

BetProtocol: Online betting is a growing market, BetProtocol offers a solution for the launch of customizable gambling and esports betting plattforms.

DigitalBits: DigitalBits allows for the tokenization of any asset on their blockchain, focusing on Loyalty Reward Points industry.

Ultra: Ultra is the next-generation games distribution platform, offering a whole new set of opportunities for gamers and developers.

DMM: DeFi protocol, backed by real world assets, with already millions locked in the network. Offering solutions for the interoperability and scalability of decentralized applications.

LCX: Aiming to bring crypto investments to the masses. LCX is building a suite of tools to provide the key infrastructure for individuals to enter the space.

4thPillar: is leveraging blockchain technology to create a series of solutions that could transform eDelivery and online identity verification.

V-ID: One of our first investments, still conviced about the long term success of this project, highly skilled team with a big vision.



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